A classical and contemporary clarinetist, Emily Mehigh explores all the boundaries of clarinet playing through numerous performances and outreach events. While she enjoys evoking the wide range of emotions from the Romantic Era, she also enjoys the technical challenges often brought on by contemporary music. By combining these styles she aims to create programs that educate, entertain, and tell unique stories to her audiences.

Emily created her first solo project, called “The Miniature Month of May,” where every day for a month she played and recorded a short, solo clarinet piece. Each piece was then uploaded to YouTube after recording. The 31 pieces were selected from a call for scores and written by composers of various backgrounds. Miniature Month of May 2.0 occurred in May of 2020.

Recently Emily worked on a series of recitals featuring works by women, transgender, or anyone whose gender doesn’t conform to the binary. Her first recital featured solo clarinet works, all written by women, which was performed on April 12th, 2019 at Slate Arts in Chicago, Illinois. Her second and third recitals will feature works for solo clarinet and electronics and small ensembles, respectively. The dates and times for these recitals are still to be determined. She took a sampling of these works across the country in the spring of 2020. She performed these works in Phoenix and Flagstaff, AZ.

Emily has also recently worked with the UnTwelve organization, whose goal is to explore the world of music beyond the 12-equal note tuning system. Emily, flutist Robin Meiksins, and trombonist Connor Thummel prepared for a series of recitals that began on September 21st, 2018. These recitals aim to promote works by composers who are women, transgender, or non-binary. Most recently members of the organization performed at Mise-en_place in New York City in April of 2019.

She has also worked with flutist Robin Meiksins as part of the duo RE:New Music. This duo aims to perform and advocate contemporary music for flute and clarinet. Their inaugural recital occurred in November 2017 which included four premieres by Sean William Calhoun, Laura Harrison, Nicholas Maluf, and Jake Gunnar Walsh.  In January of 2018 they took that recital program to Phoenix, Arizona for the Oh My Ears music festival.

For festivals Emily has attended the SPLICE Festival, the Fresh Inc. Festival, the Pacific Region International Summer Music Academy (PRISMA) and the Orford Contemporary Music Workshop.

Ms. Mehigh received her Masters Degree from Indiana University in Bloomington. She received her Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Arts Degrees from Truman State University. Ms. Mehigh has studied with Eli Eban, Jesse Krebs, and Jeanine Garesche.